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 Flaffy's Application

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PostSubject: Flaffy's Application   Sun Aug 30, 2009 7:46 pm

User: Flaffy


Global Location:United Kingdom, London

Timezone:GMT 0+

Available:Around 10+ Hours a Day

Position applying for: Game Master

Why do you want to be a Game Master: As a GM in game,I will be able to controll players more efficiently.I have amount of knowledge of events(Hide&seek,Sexy,cute,ugly,etc events,Simson says event,etc.)I will be able to hold good events and keep the players interested in our server.Due to my 2years experience of private servers,Also,I know the difference between hacked damage and nomal attack damage.Nowadays due to a lot of different ways to battle monsters,private servers players had developed ways to bypass nomal damage without hacks,people could hit around 100m and plus in KyraMS with DS 'GM' charge,this completely confuse the GMs and a lot of unfair bans are going on in servers about this way as we speak.Being one of the godly damagers,I understand this attack fully and are able to see the difference between a hacked damage and nomal damage.I could prevent a lot of unfair bans and ban people without hesitation.I dont believe in hacking in private servers unless you have nothing to gain.In my option,using damage hacks and god mode to gain your meso and lvls is a offence.

Why should we pick you?I should be a GM instead of most people and I say that without a pompous and arrogant air. Why do I believe that to be the truth? For one, my ability to solve problems under pressure is unparalleled in both the online and outside world.
When it comes to managing players, I do so professionally. I do not incite players to create flame wars, just because I know that I am a GM and they are not. I handle problems equally on both sides, maintaining a balanced lookout. Even if someone I mildly dislike reports one of my best friends, as a GM I would have to realize that this situation is non-personal and must be handled from the eyes of an unbiased GM. Alas, favoritism is a BASIC CONCEPT in the GM rules.
Even with my friends, if I receive GM status I do not plan to abuse my powers. This includes warping to places, banning, jailing, warphere spamming, summon spamming, etc. As "FUN" as it may seem, abusing GM is completely wrong and even if everyone agrees to it, it is still a rule to be followed. Another less approached aspect of GM abuse is notice spamming. While you may have fun with your peers and not notice (no pun intended), there are probably bunches of players thinking "shut up, nobody wants to see their screen flooded with blue spam." As a player I believe that the ability for GMs to spam nonsense while players cannot get away with it is unjust, and as a GM I shall choose not to overload the server with blue text.
On the topic of communications, while I may not spam, this will not mean that I will be silent.
Will you help out the server if so how?As I mention above,I could bring over a lot of players by a lot of ways.I have a considerable amount of knowledge of running forums efficiently.I could suggess ideas for forums and in game.

A Little about me: My IRL name is Luke, im 15 years old and I like being in an community. I am Friendly and also helpful,
I like to make people smile and joke about. I like making friends and Im sure I have made a lot of them =) Im also a active MS player,
meaning people will have no trouble with "GM pls.. why no GM online.. GM?" Unless im sleeping and its night. =D
I also speak fluent English, I shouldnt have a problem communicating with others =P

Past Experience:I have played Maplestory for some time now, around a year.
I never really like GMS [Global Maple Story] So I got into private servers,
I really like most of them. Right now I mostly play Maple Story, not an addict to Gunz anymore.
I have experience of being an Game Master before, Level 3 GM on CookMS, as well as I have owned my own server.
It had decent players, and Game Masters. Right now I am getting really familiar with ALL the commands..
Im not really good at remembering NPC/Monster/etc ID's, there's kind of a lot of them.
Heres the list of commands I am famiar with at the moment. They might be different because you might use a different source Razz.


Thank you for reading my application,no matter what your answer is. I will continue to support the server. Please consider my application seriously. Thank you again.

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I ❤ Myself

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PostSubject: Re: Flaffy's Application   Tue Sep 01, 2009 10:56 am

use my format D:


Name: Klemund
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JOIN NAW!~Very Happy
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Flaffy's Application
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